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A. Manufacturers
Palermo Plastics Pipe (P3) Consulting will aid plastic pipe manufacturers (resin companies and pipe companies) to achieve HDB (Hydrostatic Design Basis) and MRS (Minimum Required Strength) pressure ratings through the Hydrostatic Stress Board (HSB), assist with HSB special cases, develop or revise industry standards (ASTM, CSA, AASHTO, ISO), write petitions to the DOT, and/or aid in marketing plastic pipe products to the end user.

B. End users
Palermo Plastics Pipe (P3) Consulting will aid end users, primarily gas utilities, to evaluate or qualify plastic pipe products (primarily polyethylene and polyamide 11), revise industry standards, and/or conduct failure analysis of plastic pipe products. P3 Consulting will also present technical seminars at gas company locations to provide background on polyethylene pipe, polyamide 11 pipe or new plastic piping materials for the gas industry.

C. Laboratories
Palermo Plastics Pipe (P3) Consulting will work with laboratories or research organizations to keep abreast of domestic and international standard test methods and standard specifications, and/or write proposals for and then guide research projects for plastic pipe.

D. Litigation Cases
Palermo Plastics Pipe (P3) Consulting is available for litigation cases involving plastic pipe products, particularly plastic pipe used for natural gas distribution.


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